Why Fans Love You!

Take unstructured text. Combine client and public data. Reveal the Why Factor for great audience experiences.

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Fanalytica is a consumer insights platform.

We don’t just monitor or listen. Anyone can do that. Fanalytica predicts responses to personalized journeys based on fan motivations.

The questions that are not addressed in any industry – WHY is a fan motivated, and WHAT triggers the fan behaviors? We answer those questions through natural language processing and establishing a high accuracy deep learning model.

Benefits of using Fanalytica

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Gain insight in how to appeal and retain fans.

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Shift a fan from being merely entertained to deeply invested.

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Migrate fans from one interest to another.

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Determine dominant fan motivations.

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Identify actions, items, and conversations that will change fan behavior.

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Discover core themes that engage fans.

How It Works

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Input the various client and public data sets for analysis.

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Generates an initial list of coded motivators based on the Leveraging Engagement framework.

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Graphical representation of the data to understand who, what, when, where and why fans are motivated.

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Fanalytica is a key performance indicator in better understanding the value of your fans. Integrate this SAAS API as a cognitive companion to your technology stack offering predictive insights to make your data work for you.